The Twins of Vorintar Valley
The adventurers go in to negotiate allowing their carnival to enter Koris, and come back two days later learning of a plot to destroy both cities and raise an army of undead.

The Negotiation The characters started out with a meeting from Baron Iglacies. This meeting turned into a negotiation where Daegan and Ranax successfully convinced the Baron that their carnival was worthwhile to the city, and trustworthy enough even during these times of battle with the neighbouring city Vris. However during this negotiation the PCs also agreed to somehow ending the war and learning the motives behind Vris current attacks.

The First Encounter As the PCs traveled to Vris they encountered a caravan that had been ransacked and knocked over. They helped save a merchant in distress from two lizardfolk.

The City of War As the PCs approached Vris they learned that news travels very fast, as the Duke and duchess of the town had already heard of the PCs encounter on the road and were impressed by the nobles description. Yet again the PCs were called into a noble manson to negotiate with the Duchess. They learned that the Duchess is a very extravagant and eccentric woman, however they did not learn much of the Duke. The Duchess offered the PCs a very high sum of money to assasinate the Baron of Koris. When the PCs inquired why she would even want to go war with the neighbouring city, no straight answer was given.

The Investigation Daegan was not satisfied with everything that was occuring in these two cities. He quickly asked around the streets to find out who he could gather more information from. He was directed to the Gladiator Master Var, and the Crime Lord Barius. The PCs headed to the Gladiator Master Var first and after a near death fight for him under his teams banner, the PCs learned that at night a cloacked figure had been entering the Duchess Manson at night.


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